Personal Own Sticker For WhatsApp

Personal own Sticker for WhatsApp; Howdy! I think 95% of people use WhatsApp messenger, big and small, and there is something very easy to do in many apps like WhatsApp Messenger is a great app for finding friends and family all the time. you can send audio calls, video calls, voice messages, text messages and pictures to your friend’s family and office from anywhere at any time.


Personal Own Sticker For WhatsApp Easy And 100% Working

WhatsApp: The WhatsApp is a most popular app for messenger, WhatsApp messenger free app for Android and PC, WhatsApp messenger has a feature of customizing status, Video call, Text, emoji, Logo Sticker, Pictures and videos, easy to send your friend and family it is free.


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Why You Created WhatsApp Sticker?

Inside the messenger have a lot-top sticker use to free but sometimes we’re like to use a special sticker to send someone, Today I have to show you how to make a sticker on the smartphone, If you make a sticker on android phone download some apps.



How To Created own Stickers for WhatsApp Free?

You do not have to worry too much about making a personal sticker, Just download the two apps, and install on your Android phone then follow the steps below.


Fast you install apps on android or smartphone.

» If you finish installing Background Eraser, You can open it.

» Click on load a photo, Choose images from the gallery.

» Personal stickers for Whatsapp, If you finish installing open it.

» Click on add button, select stickers you created.

» Now open to WhatsApp, Click on a sticker, Send stickers your friends, Enjoy.


If you did not understand have a question, Easy to learn to watch these videos, It is a preview of personal own sticker for Whatsapp below in the post, Subscribe our YouTube channels for new videos.



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