Sitemap Why Important? How to Add Blog

Sitemap Why Important for a blog: Howdy! Friends, If you do not understand anything about Sitemaps then this post is not for you, but if you are curious about Sitemaps, you have come to the right place, We’ll talk about Sitemaps in this post and discuss in detail how to add and why important Sitemap to a Google Search engine.


Sitemap Why Important? How to Add Blog

Before we talk about the basics, we want to say something so that you do not have problems later, you may know that most people in the world search the Internet from the Google, chrome, yahoo search engine, When you search Google or any other search engine for the information you need, you get the results within seconds.

When you create a new blog or website After design and publishing 2 or 3 content, you will definitely Add Google Search Console to your blog and as a result, blog will be recommended on Google, if you have a content unique, blog will appear on the first page of Google much faster, you will be able to earn better from AdSense.


Why Important Sitemap for a blog?

Sitemaps are an easy way for websites to crawl and ignore search engines about their site pages, The simplest sitemap of all is an XML file listing additional metadata about each URL as well as any other URL for a site; Important it is for the site to be compared to other URL lanes So that search engines can crawl the site more intelligently.

Thousands of new blogs are being created every day so Google can’t cache those new blogs right away, so Google says adding new blog search console to help Google understand and quickly recommend new content, and this content is useful to people.

Google wants some good content that people are searching for, so Google releases content to everyone and new blogs for it. It is important to add a Sitemap after creating, Sitemap for your site is very important for WordPress or bloggers from the platform where they create blogs.


Sitemap how to add a blog?

Adding a Google Search Console Blog Sitemap is not a difficult task, you can add your Blogger Sitemap yourself, without the help of anyone, All you have to do is follow this post, as you will be told here, only if you follow the platform that your blog is on, your sitemap will be able to add Google search console and your site will be ranking, then let’s get started. We will simplify two platforms one by one and you will follow their rules.


Sitemap for blogger

We will now talk about Blogger Sitemaps, To add a Blogger Sitemap, you must first add a robot text. if you are using a laptop or Android phone no problem you open the new-tap and search “Generator XML Sitemap” You open the following website and you see the website interface asking you to paste your Blogger link, copy and paste your Blogger link and click the “Generator Sitemap” button, You copy the code given to you and return come to your Blogger site.


robots.txt for blogger

    • Go to and login to the blog.
    • You see from the menu on the left side of the blog dashboard and click on the ‘setting’.
    • Now you click on the ‘Search Preferences’ option under the setting.
    • You can come under the ‘Crawlers and indexing’ there will be ‘Custom robots txt’ option, which will be disabled.
    • Click on ‘Edit’ and select the ‘YES’ button. the text box will open below, in that your robots txt code past and save it.


robots.txt for blogger


Blogger Sitemap Add Google Search Console

Now we want to add Blogger Sitemap, do a search on google, you can see above the search console by typing Google search console and clicking on the Start button will now ask you to signup, you sign up with your Google email account. Use the account with which mail you signup your blog site,

When your signup is complete, you will see the ‘Add Project’ option on the left side, click on it, press the full URL of your blog and click the Continue button.

you can see the ‘Sitemap’ below, If you open the sitemap, show the URL of your blog site and paste the code in the box to it, click the submit button and your sitemap will be added.


∗ Sitemap Code look like this “/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500”


» If you want, you can download it from below link and easily use it for your site, only need to change the URL, I have shown you a link to Examples, change that link and paste your own link.




Sitemap for WordPress

If you have made a blog from WordPress then there is no need to worry so much about the blogger platform, it is much easier to create a sitemap of WordPress blogs and websites.

» No matter where you create the blog from, Blogger or WordPress is the same in two way Because adding two Sitemaps is the same method only Sitemap code is different.

» Before blog URL paste in the ‘Add Project’ you must Signup ‘Search Console’ with some mail account After the site is completed. Click on ‘Sitemap’ and in the Sitemap, you paste code and click ‘Submit’ you are done. the blog has been added to Search Console.


∗ Used this Sitemap code “/sitemap_index.xml”


» It is the same as everyone, you can use the following code for your site.


Guys, I think you have understood about Sitemaps and why is it important to add a Sitemap to the Google search console, if you have any problem understanding and you find this post helpful, then, of course, let me know in the comment box.


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