Wich Platform Best Blog for Beginners?

Wich Platform Best Blog for Beginners?; Do you want to start a blog? But do not understand which platform you start the blog from, “Blogger or WordPress” then you have come to the right place. We will discuss here in detail.


Wich Platform Best blog for Beginners? Blogger or WordPress

If you are a beginner then the blogger platform will be good for you as many easy to use blogger platform will be easy to understand its setting is easy on-page and off-page you will understand very easily, if only you have to buy a domain then you will have your Being able to rank blogs is much easier to post in a blog.

You may know that Google is always motivated to run their product more and more if you can run 15 to 20 posts on Blogger and those posts are unique, then, of course, your posts will come to the first page on Google and your blog traffic in 20 to 30 days. If your blog gets 100 traffic, then your blog must be Adsense Approved and you Be able to earn better.

When your blog site starts to get traffic and there is no problem understanding your blog, then you can migrate from blog to WordPress and your blog posts will not have any effect.


How to Start a WordPress Blog.

WordPress is a Popular Platform If you want to make a blog from a wallpaper, first of all, you have to buy a domain and hosting, you can buy from Dianahost here you will find much good domain and hosting.

Don’t install the post before installing WordPress, first check your blog slots. The most important setting is Permalink, which will be Permalink SEO friendly. You may have noticed that when posting from Blogger, there is a date format ad with Permalink,

you have to keep in mind that when you publish a post from WordPress it does not add date format like a blog, because Google is such a date format ad. It does not like the link that exists, and you need to get a custom permalink.

“Below is a screenshot shown for Examples that you can follow if you want”

How to Start a WordPress Blog


Important Themes

We are going to talk about themes now, before publishing the blog post you have to change the themes. After you open your WordPress dashboard you can see below themes from appearance and click on New Themes, now installing one of your favorite themes.

Install Themes Themes have mobile-friendly support. You do not need to spend any money on themes that you can install themes for free.

Once the new themes are installed, delete the old themes, as your site may be slow due to multiple themes so you can delete only the themes and delete the other themes.


Before Start Posts?

Now you can publish your blog post if you want before your welcome post means “Hello World” a post that has been published on your blog. All you need to do is delete the post, first click on the post from the WordPress dashboard. Click on the All Post, you will now see a post named Hello World.

To delete this, you have to click on the trust. After clicking on the trust, you will see a little above the trust option, you click on the trust option above, you will see the Hello World Post with the delete option “Permanently delete”. You click on it and the post will be deleted from Permanent, after which you start publishing new posts.

It is important to backlink your site as you publish your posts daily, it will increase the traffic of your blog site, search Google and read your related posts and comment on it, your site will be backlinked and your blog post traffic will increase, from 20 to your blog. 30 posts will be complete, you will see 100 to 300 traffic coming to your blog every month, while you will see 500 Or even more traffic coming to your site, then if you apply in AdSense then your site must be approved.


What I mean

Friends hope you have realized “Wich Platform Best Blog for Beginners” and also realized that traffic on the blogger site is less easy than WordPress but still it is much easier to get access to AdSense because we like blog site as we can publish in mind.

What can not be done on Blogger, friends I hope you understand if you have any problem Lt. comments must tell you soon, I’ll try to respond to the comment, if you like the site, then it must not subscribe to this blog, if you publish a new post email notification package contains:


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