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Write a unique article high-quality for website or blog: To become a good blogger, to should know how to write a quality article, In this post, we will talk about what is quality content and how do you write high-quality content for the blog.

Howdy! friend, You must have heard, If you want to get more traffic your website, want to rank in Google, want to do SEO well then you write high-quality content. High-quality content has always been the number 1 factor to rank in Google and will continue to be. Most new bloggers have this question in their mind, who do we say good content and how can we write a quality blog post.


Write unique article high-quality for website or blog Rank in Google

Search Engine always likes only good content and improves its ranking as a reward. Generally, if you search by searching anything in Google, the best article on the same keyword will be found in the first 3-4 results, because the main job of Google is to find answers to people’s questions and help the keyword search engine in it. But now marketers and bloggers are misusing this keyword due to which Google always keeps bringing new updates.

You must have noticed that whenever Google’s new update comes, many blogs fall in the search engine ranking and their traffic also starts to decrease. But I have seen that it does not affect the quality content so much.
So we should think about an amazing substance and discover how to make important informative content.


What is quality content?

Write unique article high-quality website or blog: As a reader, the quality content is the same where you get the exact answer to your question or queries, the user experience is good, the information given should be to-the-point. Meaning quality content is more subject-oriented for visitors.

But from the perspective of search engines but there are some SEO quality guidelines/factors through which the search engine finds out whether the quality of your content is good or not. Quality content is the one that can answer your questions correctly and both the search engine, users can understand that content well. Good content is what people like, share and talk about it on your blog.

The search engine is the best source to get more traffic on a blog or business. If your content will be at the top of the search engine results, then people can know about your blog and more traffic will also come on it. Because of this, you will always find high-quality content at the top of Google search results.

The question in your mind will be that while writing a blog post, we should pay more attention to our writing or SEO. But to get a good rank in a search engine, you have to pay attention to both. You cannot fool the search engine using low-quality content, by creating more backlinks, just by using more keywords for SEO. Below you have been told about many factors that you can good and high-quality write unique content website or blog by following.


How to you high-quality articles write for a blog?

1» Topic Research: Write a unique article high-quality website blog, Before writing an article, you should know the topic, on which topic you want to write a blog post. What is the competition of who is going to write the post, how many searches are there on it, what is the CPC, after checking all these, you have to decide whether you want to write a post on this topic or not.

» After selecting the Topic, now you have to write. But before writing a post on any topic, you do full research on it. Research here means that you read and analyze all the ranked blog posts related to that topic.

» What kind of information is already in the top articles in Google and how can you improve it?
Most bloggers make mistakes right here.

» Those who already have 100-200 posts on the content, write the same according to their own as if duplicate content does not appear. Now you only think why Google will bring your post to the top when there are already many articles on the same information.

» So keep your article unique and if you are giving the same information then add some new and extra things to it. You should also find ideas that are not in the post you have seen, things on which you can improve your post.


2» Write in-depth content for a blog: Always a user wants to get full knowledge on the topic of the post he is reading. If that user opens another post by returning from your post, it does not mean detailed knowledge in your content. This is a negative impact from the perspective of the search engine. Google always likes long, through, in-depth content.

» The study done has shown that the average post length of the top 10 results ranking in the search engine is more than 2000 words.

» Long post does not mean to write unnecessary things unnecessarily, this irritates your readers. Keep things to-the-point, if you have any experience or story related to the topic, definitely tell it.

In-Depth content means to write all the necessary information related to that topic. Apart from this, you should also answer the common questions asked on that topic in your post. With this, users will like your post, audience retention will increase so that your ranking in the search engine will also improve.


3» Why important strong Heading and SubHeadings: In an article, attention should be paid to the headings and subheadings. This along with the on-page SEO techniques of your post is also important to bring traffic to your blog and to increase audience retention.

» Visitors in the search engine click on that post only after seeing your title. Therefore keep the post title attractive compared to other posts so that you get more clicks and also use the keyword.

» You might not know, 80% of readers only read the post’s headings and subheadings. Only 20% of readers read the rest of the content of the post.

» Therefore use multiple H2, H3 headings along with strong heading. Keep the post title separate from the other ranked post, do not use the same title.


4» Focus on Readers: It is clearly stated in Google’s quality guidelines ‘Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines.

» If you are writing only articles for search engines, only to rank them. Let me tell you, the search engine does not work in this way. You should write an article for your audience only, the search engine promotes the same content that the audience prefers first.

» First, understand your readers, what they want, what type of content they like and how you can improve your content.

» The most important thing is to make a connection with the readers and talk in their language. You have to understand why people like videos more because it is interactive, so just writing like newspapers, the magazine does not make your content interactive. Helping others through your content should be your first goal, only then you can earn good money from the blog.


5» Build Trust on the Audience: you have written an article which has been read by thousands of people, if the information given in it will not be correct, then you can understand how it can damage the reputation of your blog?

» Quality infer trust and Accuracy manufactures trust with the peruser. This means that whatever post you are writing should be 100% genuine and true content. You can give a link to another authority website as a reference in your blog, this increases the trust of readers on you.

» Giving a link to the source related to your content is called outbound link and this also tells the search engine what your content is about.

» Social share and backlink are very important in ranking a post. People share the same post or give a link, whose post has good quality and people have confidence in that website. Therefore, to increase the quality of the content, you also have to win the trust of the people.


6» Engage your Audience: If visitors back your content after 5-10 seconds, it means that your content is not engaging. This increases the bounce rate and the ranking of the post falls in the search engine.
The audience will come to your post only when your content is engaging. So let’s know how you can write engaging content>

    • The first paragraph of an article should be the best.
    • Make the post title attractive.
    • Use multiple subheadings.
    • Write the article in short paragraphs to make it easier to read.
    • You can use Quotes in-between content.
    • There is nothing superior to picture and videos to catch the eye.


7» On-page SEO Techniques: as I said high-quality content means optimizing your content for the readers as well as the search engine so that your content can rank in the search engine.

» On-page SEO is significant for web index bots. In this, optimizing the keyword, title, permalink, H2, H3, Interlinking, images, etc. of the post, so that the search engine will know about your content. You can pursue my guide for incredible On-page SEO Techniques.

» By doing SEO in a good way, your post can rank in the search engine. But good SEO here does not mean Black hat SEO at all. With black hat SEO Google can put your blog in the spam list so that your post will never rank in Google


Write unique article high-quality for website or blog; Conclusion from this post, you can understand that high-quality content means that content that is original and unique, gets the right answer to the users’ searched questions, is able to engage the audience for a long time and also for the search engine. Let’s optimize well.

Some bloggers always complain that their content is not ranking in Google or their AdSense account is not being approved, this is also the main reason. To get success in blogging, it is important that you should come to write quality content. I hope you will try to write quality content by following the tips mentioned in this post.


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